Here at best affiliate program, we value ideas from other people because we understand that there can be more things that can be covered in the affiliate program that we may have not touched on. We’d like all those who know that they are talented to come write for us and provide some posts. Our guest posters are just as important to us as our users and because of this there are some guidelines that should be followed to ensure the best for both parties:

  • The content must be original

Please, plagiarism is a big offence, so make sure you don’t copy and paste other peoples work. Do not repost another person’s published article and do not spin the articles. We expect original, plagiarism free content.


  • Do not write on a topic already written on a number of times

The search button should be your best friend before deciding to write on a specific topic. The topic should be related to affiliate marketing but make sure it’s not one that has been written a couple of times before. The last thing we want is to bore our users with the same content being repeated over and over again


  • The post should be written with a minimum of 500 words

The ideal amount for us is about 600 to  1000 words. We need to keep the articles short so as not to frustrate the user. Make sure to keep your post’s word count at the ideal range.


  • All numbers up to 100 should be spelt out


  • Grammar book should be your friend

We acknowledge that no one is perfect but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to achieve perfection. It is because of this, that we want our guest posters to provide content that is flawless with little to no grammar or punctuation errors. In order to achieve this, you should use grammar book. It will provide you with everything you need.


  • Sources should be included

This is for those who use facts when writing their posts. Those just writing about their opinion or experience on a matter are excluded from this.We expect the facts to be backed up by sources to make sure that they aren’t made up. You can do this by linking the articles used or providing the sources directly. Either way, we appreciate our writers that come with posts from experience or facts.


  • If you are to use an image with the post, then make sure that you have the license to use the photo. If not at least make sure to give credit to the owner of the photo in your post.


  • Send us your previous work

Don’t worry this is just a formality. We need to make sure that the person writing for us knows what he/she is doing.

  • Make sure to proofread the post before sending it

Here at Best Affiliate Program our editors tend to be very busy and might not have the time to review all the posts sent their way. So, make sure that your post is proofread and errors corrected before sending it to us.


  • Editing your work should be expected

It’s not that the work is not wonderful. No, not at all. The work is edited mainly for the purpose of our audience and SEO for our page ranking. There is no need to worry though you still keep the ownership and will be mentioned as the writer of the post.

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