There are four simple steps that will get you started with the Wealthy Affiliate program.

The Wealthy Affiliate program is an income growing community of over 580.000 members that can result in creating massive income for its participants. It can generate what is called passive income. Passive income is generated from an agreement or license or from some type of income generating system.

One example of passive income would be a sports star that licenses his name to a product. He will not do any work, but will be paid on an ongoing basis for the use of his popular name, In network marketing passive income comes from a participant recruiting a string of new members that will be a part of his group. The participant will get paid for the efforts of those in his group when they make sales,

Choose an Interest

Can you come up with a topic or activity that you have a great interest in? You should be able to reel off a few from the top of your head. Pick the best one and it could be a gateway way to tap into the Wealthy Affiliate system.

An example of a product category could be athletic shoes. This category of a product could be what your company website would be built around. With 2.8 billion people on the internet, there are all types of markets you can direct your website toward.

There are even pre-selected topics you can use. The idea is to have fun working with a category you have a strong interest in. This could be a recipe for ultimate success.



Build a Website

Through its system, Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to easily build your own website, This process has been designed to be completed in less than a minute.

It will be a great looking, ready to create revenue website. The website will be the hub of your business. You will be able to write about your product category of athletic shoes in as many ways as you wish.

Attract Visitors

Once your website is in place the next step is to focus your attention towards attracting visitors. This is a very critical step. If no one knows your business exists, then you don't really have a business.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate lessons come into play. They will teach you the latest traffic generating techniques. Once enough relevant potential customers are driven to your website through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo you will be on the path toward success.



Earn Revenue

Once you have a high traffic audience you can begin promoting products and services through affiliate programs. These involve you promoting products and services of major online retailers.

You are paid commissions of up to 75 percent when you drive customers who make purchases through your own unique affiliate ID. This means you don't have to stock inventory or pay shipping costs. You will still have a chance at growing your earnings.

If you use the example of athletic shoes, there are 32,000 types on just Amazon.com. You can earn commissions on anyone that sells through your website.

Once you get your website established there are extra ways in which you can earn income from your Wealthy Affiliate website. All the income generating lessons will be available to you.

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