Top Earners Ranks (update)

photos from a lakeNew month and I have updated the list of the top earners.

20161001 – 20161031
  1. Shopify
  2. DatingFactory
  3. SEOprofiler
  4. Wealthy Affiliate


We have the same leader but the second place has been changed. But we have no new to the list. These affiliate programs have earned me the most money. If you plan to start to make money on affiliate programs, these programs should be your first to try. If you get no money with these four you probably won’t make money with others.

Why does it matter?

Yes, it is also important that your affiliate program fits your audience at your website. But it doesn’t matter how relevant something is, then nobody  like the product or affiliate program you try to promote. Or the affiliate program does not pay you or the commission is too low.





Top Earners Ranks

20161201 – 20161231
  1.  DatingFactory

  2.  Shopify

  3. SEOprofiler