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SEOprofiler Review

multiple-seo-toolsProduct Name: SEOprofiler

Price: $99 – $1999 per month

Owners: Axandra GmbH

Website: www.seoprofiler.com


SEOprofiler is the oldest SEO software that provides better search engine rankings, more visitors, more clicks and more sales since 1997. There are more than 126000 active SEOprofiler users. SEOprofiler is the main product of the German internet marketing company named Axandra GmbH. They are improving SEOprofiler on a daily basis. They are providing many tools and features on the service that can help in getting high ranks on Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines. With SEOprofiler you get SEO tools for link analysis, web page optimization, link building, keyword research and so on. It supports multi-user accounts and you can work with your whole team at the same time. The users say that SEOprofiler is easy to use and very helpful in providing high-quality content on their websites. You only need one hour per day to increase the number of the clicks and sales on your site, using SEOprofiler. This service works in every country, but only with the sites that are written in a Roman letter (English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian and so on).


Many users think that SEOprofiler is great software that can help with the job and will save time and money. The service provides a full feature SEO software tools that are very useful for creating a top-rated content for the websites. SEOprofiler is:

  • Easy to use and understand

  • Comprehensive

  • Effective

With SEOprofiler you can use the SEO and ranking tools that are included in the price pack. Even the beginners in the website business can use SEOprofiler effectively.

After the registration on SEOprofiler, the user gets a 30-day trial period. After that, they will have to choose between various price packs that can cost up to $1999. Some of the users find the prices very high and they stop using SEOprofiler after the trial period. The free trial version is very limited with the tools and features.

Who is it for:

SEOprofiler can be used by everyone that have a website, for better search engine rankings. It is the best SEO solution for a small businesses, companies, online marketers or individual website owners.

Training/tools overview:

Basically, SEOprofiler includes these tools and features:

  • Backlink analysis

  • Local Rank Tracking

  • Social media integration

  • White-Label reports

  • Website audit

  • Keyword research

  • AdWords intelligence

  • Link analysis

  • Link building

  • Ranking monitor and intelligence

With the Ranking monitor, you can check for which keywords your site is ranked, how many searches per keyword you have, from which countries come the most clicks and how the ranking changes in time.

The Website audit checks the website from errors that can have a negative influence on the site ranking. With this tool, you can erase the errors, discover technical issues and solve them and eliminate the spelling mistakes.

With the Keyword research tool, you can find the most attractive keywords and the right way to use them in your articles. With the right keywords, you will attract more visitors to your site.

You want to know what are people talking about your site or business on Facebook? Start using the Social Media monitor and you will have a complete look into everything that is written for you on the social media platforms.


SEOprofiler has a contact customer service that is available 24/7 for the members of the service through the ticket system

. The users also can contact Axandra GmbH directly. There is also a great base of the most asked questions with full answers. The member of SEOprofiler can find the answers to many questions there, including general questions, technical questions, tool FAQ-s and all the questions about the pricing, ordering, and billing. SEOprofiler employees care about the public opinion and every user can contact them to tell their opinion and to help with the improving of the service.


SEOprofiler comes with a 30-day trial. The trial version is very limited in the tools and features and you can try to use just a few of them. Also, the free pack works great with those who want to learn the basics of the good SEO as a way of increasing the online business. After that, you can choose between 4 SEOprofiler packs:

  1. Freelancer pack that costs $99.95 per month and includes: daily ranking check of 500 keywords; audit of 40000 pages; 10 projects and white-label reports.

  2. Agency pack that costs $199.95 per month and includes: daily ranking check of 1000 words; audit of 100000 pages; 50 projects; 5 users; link disinfection tool and white-label reports.

  3. Corporate pack that costs $499.95 per month and includes: daily ranking check of 2500 words; audit for 300000 pages; 150 projects; 15 users; link disinfection tool and white-label reports.

  4. Ultimate pack that costs $1999. 95 per month and includes: daily ranking of 10000 keywords; audit for 1500000 pages; unlimited number of projects and users; link disinfection tool and white-label reports.

The user can change the pack at the moment they want. They only need to cancel the old plan and to subscribe to the new one. Every saved information about the previous projects are available also with the new plan. Be careful if your new plan supports the same features as the old one, because you may lose some important data with the plan changing.

Final opinion/verdict:

SEOprofiler is a proven and reliable way to increase your page visits and clicks and get better rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. SEOprofiler provides many tools and features that can help you to have great rankings and better sales and income from your website. Everyone can use SEOprofiler because it provides solutions for small businesses, mid-sized companies, and big enterprises. SEOprofiler is also good for professional use. You will have a great benefit of registering your website to SEOprofiler.

Aweber Review – Best Autoresponder?

aweberReview 2016

Posted on: July 29, 2016

Product name: Aweber

Overall Ranking: 9.2/10

Price: $19 / $29 / $49 / $69/ $149

Website: http://www.aweber.com/

Email marketing brings better communication, is cost-effective and easily pinpoints particular target groups. You can send ads, solicit business or request donations, by email.

Some people want to know which marketing service is best for their organization.

AWeber Communications is a popular email marketing service. The company performs well in most areas of email marketing and is well-known for its excellent autoresponders.

Aweber is used by more than 100,000 organizations all over the world. It presents many online tools to help businesses stay in touch with customers and prospective customers prospects through email.

Who uses it?

This email service is great for people who are looking for the tools and features they need to expand their business.

Users can reach many customers at once by sending out batches of emails.

Significant Features:

Form Builder- Forms are an important element when it comes to compiling a subscriber list. With Aweber’s form builder, you can quickly add a form to your website.

  • Simple analytics- Aweber uses simple graphs to collect and track clients. You will know when a customer opens a message, what links are used, and how many clients unsubscribed.


  • Performance monitoring- statistics are tracked with simple charts.


  • Autoresponders-autoresponders automatically send messages to new customers. The autoresponder is easy and intuitive, with many choices for users.


  • Email templates-you have a choice of many professional-looking templates


  • Subscriber segmentation lists- Segmenting enables users to direct emails to their customers in accordance with their location


  • Knowledge Base- the Knowledge Base contains several how-to guides to help you with your email marketing.


  • Drag and Drop Editor- the Drag and Drop Editor easily creates automated emails so you can write professional email marketing newsletters


  • RSS to email- the RSS to email function automatically creates emails from blog posts.


  • Broadcast Archives- with the Broadcast Archives, you can host your emails on the internet. The design of the Broadcast Archives has been updated to provide better mobile function.


  • Email marketing guides-a series of free email marketing guides are offered. These sequential guides provide much useful information and there is also a checklist for beginners


  • Newsletters-email newsletters will automatically deliver messages to new subscribers.


  • Aweber Stats App allows the user to check email marketing performance remotely. The two mobile apps offered provide quick access to tracking features and enable allow users to edit their subscriber lists. The user can also add pictures from their mobile devices.


Telephone support is always available. Get the help you need when you need it from our live customer solutions technicians, by chat or by telephone.


The general opinion is that Aweber is great for people who are looking for the tools and features they need to expand their business or organization. Aweber meets all of a user’s email marketing needs at a competitive price.


  • The software provides superb auto responder capabilities. Personal and timely messages are forwarded to your clients and this improves communication and enhances the sharing of information.


  • There are many integration options.


  • Webinars-regular live webinars are included, as well as webinar courses. The courses use real-time instruction from AWeber experts and a question and answer section.


  • Easy report access- it’s easy to bring up charts that will show how many people opened your emails and how many links within your message were accessed. You can bring up information about your subscribers, including their location and details on which customers unsubscribed from your list.


  • Follow up Emails – One of Aweber provides support for an automatic autoresponder. Users can create campaigns that send out emails at intervals.
  • Easy to Use –AWeber is easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Great Customer Service –fast, helpful, and personal customer service.
  • Website Integration – The system provides easy integration with other software programs and also integrates with popular social media sites.


  • AWeber now provides a great new feature which gives the user the ability to add video to the email messages they send to their subscribers


  • The Aweber email service offers limited data importing capabilities. It could provide more when it comes to importing contacts but this is a common issue and will not present a big problem for most users. AWeber does provide a manual text-based upload and a spreadsheet upload. If you plan to use either of these options, you will need to extract the information manually.
  • Price – Some users feel that the price is too high for many small organizations, especially those that don’t need all the functions AWeber offers.
  • Previewing Some users have reported that the emails look different in the inboxes than they appear in the preview.
  • Users recommend sending a few test emails.


  • Downtime- the service sometimes has significant downtime issues with occasional 24 hour outages. However, downtimes are now becoming less frequent.


  • UI Problems –The UI configuration is sometimes harder to use than some of the other options on the market.


Monthly, quarterly and annual billing options are available.

Choose from these price options:


$19.00 a month includes up to 500 subscribers


$29.00 a month includes up to 2500 subscribers


$49.00 a month includes: up to 5,000 subscribers


$69.00 a month includes: Up to 10,000 subscribers


$149.00 a month includes: up to subscribers 25,000


You can also get a free trial with access to all features.



  • When you choose an email service, understand the pricing options. Know the limits of your budget. Email marketing can be costly. Aweber offers several basic pricing plans, but the less expensive plans do not include all features.


  • Choose a provider with custom templates. This will add flexibility and help you easily configure your emails.


  • Segmenting enables users to direct emails to their customers in accordance with their location.


  • Pick an email service that integrates with other applications.


  • It’s a good idea to send a few test emails before dispatching email messages to clients.


  • Get good 24/7 customer service. You will want a group of knowledgeable, skilled technicians who will be there when you need them. The technicians should be available through phone, email or live chat to answer your questions and help resolve your issues.


  • Test it before you buy it. Get a 30-day free trial when possible.

Final opinion/verdict

Each asset mentioned above is a part of the Aweber service. Aweber offers several pricing options, plus a free trial. They provide 24/7 customer service by phone, email and/or live chat. Custom template designs and segmentation are available, as are many integration capabilities.

You can order your first month for free and get instant access to your new campaign. Aweber accepts payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

AWeber has some very nice features. The autoresponder is easy and intuitive, with many choices for users. AWeber now provides a great new feature which gives the user the ability to add video to the email messages they send to their subscribers.

Aweber meets all the email marketing standards. It will help you keep current customers while ferreting out new clients. With Aweber, you will be able to track performance and monitor the success of your marketing campaign. Aweber brings a lot to the table. The analytics, integration and reporting capabilities are a step above those of the other companies.

Remember, when you use email communication, you can send ads, solicit business or request donations; and you can send batches of emails all at once. Email marketing is convenient and cost-effective and it easily pinpoints particular target groups.

Find the marketing service that is best for your organization. AWeber Communications is used by many people all over the world. The company performs well and is it is known for its excellent autoresponders. Aweber has many online tools to help businesses stay in touch with their customers through email.


Shopify Review 2016

ShopifyProduct name: Shopify

Overall Ranking: 4/5

Price: $9 / $29 / $79 / $299

Owners: Tobias Lütke, Daniel Welnand and Scott Lake

Website: https://www.shopify.com/


Many people ask themselves which eCommerce platform is the best for their online stores and business. The answer is not as simple as it seems because there are many platforms that provide this type of services. Shopify was found in 2004 by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Welnand and Scott Lake. Lütke is a computer programmer and he built the basics of the Shopify eCommerce service. The platform is clean, simple and easy to use. Today, the service has over 200.000 merchants using the service.

Shopify is a great and complete eCommerce platform where everyone can “open” their own online shops and to sell their products. The members of the Shopify community can easily customize their store, accept several ways of payment and to respond to interested clients with only a few clicks. The owner has a complete control on everything and also can make their online store look and work like they always imagined. They can manage the sales, orders, payments and connections with other members of the community. Not only individuals but also already developed sellers are often using Shopify to expand their business.

The Shopify service is secured with Level 1 PCI DSS compliant that is the best choice of platforms that provide online sales.

Shopify offers four business plans: Shopify Lite, Shopify Basic, Shopify, Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus.

The biggest current clients that are Shopify Plus users are: Red Bull, Wikipedia, General Electric and Budweiser.

Shopify Plus is easy and simple to use. The new users can test out the service with a free 14-day trial version. With this plan, the user gets unlimited selling capacity, huge amounts of storage, powerful analytics, reliability, scalability, smooth setup, multichannel capabilities and guaranteed priority customer service. Shopify Plus offers a customization of the online shop so the owner can attract more buyers and clients.


The general opinion and experience is that Shopify is very good and easy to use even for the newbies.


  • Shopify has a built-in speed and security for hosting because every owner of a Shopify store has to be sure of two things: really fast service and very secure processes for payment.

  • Shopify includes all the necessary tools and features for building a great eCommerce solution for online shopping.

  • There is 24/7 customer support that is always fast, helpful and gives the correct answers to every question that a customer may ask.

  • Beautiful website designs.

  • Also, there is a FAQ database.

  • Great marketing tools for customizing the online store. Maybe there are not some fancy tools, but the essentials are enough for starters.

  • Simple eCommerce.

  • No access to CSS code needed.

  • API capability on Shopify Plus plans

  • – There are a lot of beginner’s guides and tutorials to get the user started.


– Some people find the Shopify platform very expensive, even the basic plan.

– The blogs are not included in the Lite plan (that is also the cheapest of all) so the store owners can’t use the content marketing to increase the sales.

– Some of the users find the Shopify jargon upsetting.

Who it is for:

Shopify is a great eCommerce platform for everyone who wants to build their online stores and sell their products through the web, on social media, through carefully created an online marketing strategy. Shopify is a perfect choice for those who find hard to handle the web hosting and technical part of the job. Everyone who is ready for a real, true and a great eCommerce experience should register their account and online store on Shopify and to sell more products and make more money.

Training/tools overview:

Shopify comes with many features that the user needs to successfully start or expand their online stores. These are the basic features:

  • Your articles can be displayed in over 50 different languages.

  • Shopify can also calculate the shipping fees and rates based on your determination (fixed rate, weight-based rate, location based rate and so on)

  • If the customer leaves a full cart without buying any item, the service sends them an email to remind them to complete the purchase.

  • Automatic tax calculator based on the location of the store owners and also on the customer’s location.

  • Customers can buy items without creating an account, but for easier functionality, they can create an account and receive all the promotions on their email.

  • Discount cards are available in the higher Shopify plans.

  • Integration with many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

  • Free email templates.

  • SEO practices

  • Product reviews

  • Analytics

  • Product lists

  • Bulk Import/Export

  • Web hosting

  • Automatic upgrades

  • Over 70 payment methods


The Shopify’s phone support is available 24/7. There are separate phone numbers for US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and India. Also, the user can get a full customer support through email and live chat. The service also includes forums and support blogs written by Shopify experts and the users can find a way to resolve the issues on their own.

Shopify Plus provides even better customer service and technical support. Every Shopify Plus account is assigned to their own Merchant success manager (MSM) who helps you in regional stores and social media integration. If your MSM is not available at the moment, you will be immediately connected with another. For those who are too shy to talk to a real MSM, there are many other ways to ask a question on the eCommerce forums or for technical supporters in the Help Center.


The Shopify’s pricing is charged monthly. The service offers four monthly pricing plans. If you pay for a one year plan you get a 10 % discount. For two years long plan the discount is up to 20%. These the monthly plans:

Shopify Lite – $9/month – the credit card rate is 9% with 2% transaction fee. There is no transaction fee if you pay with Shopify Payments. This plan features:

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Unlimited online storage

  • Unlimited number of products

  • Facebook integration

  • Chat and email support

  • One staff account (in addition to the owner)

Basic Shopify – $29/month – the credit card rate is 9% with 2% transaction fee. This plan includes the same basic features as the Shopify Lite plan and a few additional features:

  • 24/7 support

  • Mobile version of Shopify

  • Pinterest integration

  • Discount engine

  • Free Shopify card reader

  • Online store

  • Blog

  • Two staff accounts (in addition to the owner)

Shopify – $79/month – with 6% credit card rate and 1% transaction fee. This plan includes the same features as the Basic plan. These are the additional features:

  • Gift cards

  • Professional reports

  • Recovery of an abandoned cart

  • Five staff accounts (in addition to the owner)

Advanced Shopify – $299/month – with 4% credit card rate and 0.5% transaction fee. The Advanced plan includes the same features as the Shopify plan. These the additional features:

  • Advanced report builder

  • Real-time carrier shipping

  • 15 staff accounts (in addition to the owner)

There is also the possibility to Shopify Plus (Enterprise) plan for those who are planning to make over a million dollars per year. They need to contact Shopify for special pricing offer. There are no transaction fees with the Shopify Plus. There is no specific price, but it may very expensive. Shopify Plus is cloud and web based and the user needs a good computer with an up-to-date browser.

Do not miss the unique opportunity to sign up for a free 14 day trial period and see if the Shopify is the best choice for you.

There are also offline plans that start at $49/month and the most expensive offline plan is $199/month.

Final opinion/verdict:

Shopify is great for everyone who are looking for all-in-one eCommerce services for expanding their online stores and businesses. This platform is great for both the owners and the customers. Shopify provides a great service to their members who want to be great with their own business. They can be sure that will all the tools and features they will be able to build a successful online store that can serve as many customers as possible. Also, Shopify gives a great chance to make more money with your new or the current business. The service is totally legit, but if this is review is not enough for you, feel free to start with the 14-day trial version. You pay nothing for that and you will see if the Shopify is what you need for your business. You have nothing to lose.


An Insider’s View of Wealthy Affiliate – What Can It Really Do for You?

wealthy affiliateWhether you’re ready to build a successful online business but don’t know where to start or you’ve already started but don’t know how to make it profitable, stop what you’re doing and spend a few minutes exploring this honest Wealthy Affiliate review. I’m going to give you an in-depth overview of what this training/web hosting program can do for your finances in the months and years to come.

The Secrets They Don’t Want to Tell You

If you could ask successful marketers and entrepreneurs how they make money online, you would receive a lot of vague answers. Many experienced professionals will completely blow you off because it’s in their best interests to keep their strategies secret.

This leads to the biggest dilemma that stops many people from developing successful online businesses: They know that other people are earning thousands of dollars a month while working in their pajamas, but they don’t know how they’re doing it.

I was in this exact situation before finding Wealthy Affiliate. I would visit popular websites knowing that the creators were earning money for the content that I was reading, but I didn’t know how to start my own website. Yes, I could learn how to create a WordPress site by reading blogs for free and piecing the information together, but it would have done me no good because I didn’t know how to turn a website into a profitable business.

That’s what you’re really after, right? A legitimate online business that…

  • Allows you to make money doing something that you love
  • Improves your current financial situation
  • Places no limitations on future growth
  • Designates you as the primary decision maker – no more answering to a boss!

This is exactly the type of business that you can build when you follow two of the most successful affiliate marketers around today: Kyle and Carson. These two guys developed the Wealthy Affiliate program because they wanted to help other people build online businesses with real potential.

It turns out that there are some wealthy entrepreneurs willing to share the secrets that have earned them millions of dollars. Kyle and Carson actually give you some of those secrets for free when you sign up for the trial account.

Comprehensive Training + 24/7/365 Help + Web Hosting = Your Blueprint for Success

You should have some idea of what you can accomplish How to make moneyby following Kyle and Carson at this point, but what exactly is Wealthy Affiliate? Some would call it a training program for anyone interested in learning the secrets of affiliate marketing. Others would call it comprehensive training that tells you how to build a profitable business online, one step at a time. Still others would say that it’s one of the most reliable web hosting services available today.

All of those people are correct. When you become a Wealthy Affiliate member, you start your journey towards building a respectable business that will help you earn money without answering to a boss or sitting in traffic every evening. You don’t need a college degree, and the upfront expense is so low that anyone can afford to get started. Join now for FREE!

If you’ve already established a website or have an online business concept in mind, this program will tell you how to monetize those ideas so that you don’t become one of the many websites that never turn a profit. There are billions of websites in existence, but only a tiny percentage are known to real people searching for information and products online.

Wealthy Affiliate will tell you what it takes to…

  • Build a professional, functional website without hiring a designer
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Spread your message through social media
  • Convert leads into paying customers
  • Establish a brand that other people trust and respect

How Does It Work?

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you will enjoy all of the following:

  • Reliable web hosting for up to 50 domains
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date training courses available 24/7
  • Access to a large catalog of premium WordPress themes
  • Easy management for all of your websites in one convenient place
  • Answers to all of your questions from a community of 10,000+ members
  • Online interaction with some of the most successful marketers working online today
  • Fast assistance for technical problems or urgent concerns
  • Unlimited motivation from thousands of active community members
  • Invaluable feedback on your site design and content whenever needed
  • Easy access to comments from real people for every web page or blog post created
  • Built-in keyword research tool

If you doubt that one program could give you access to all of that, let me tell you the one limitation to Wealthy Affiliate: You have to upgrade to the premium membership to enjoy all of the benefits.

When you sign up for your free account, you will have access to the beginner training course and live help for seven days. You will start building your business with two free websites hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. The training course will walk you through the process of setting up a functional website real people will find valuable and that has the potential to land those coveted spots at the top of the search engine results pages.

You don’t even have to pay for your domain names or keyword research tools at this stage, so there really is no financial investment to get started. After your one-week trial experience, you get to decide how you proceed:

1. Remain on the site as a free member. You will have access to your two free websites, but you won’t have access to additional training courses, the keyword research tool, or around-the-clock technical support.

2. Upgrade to the paid membership. This will give you access to the more advanced training courses that allow you to grow your business faster without making rookie mistakes. You will also have the full support of the community, including unlimited opportunities for one-on-one coaching and a variety of webinars and training modules that spill the secrets that so many experts don’t want you to know.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Cost?

Many Wealthy Affiliate reviews play up the free membership and stop short of telling you what comes after that sneak peek. You can get a big start on your new business during that week, but then what? If you choose to upgrade to the premium membership, you have two payment options:

  • $47 per month, automatically drafted from your credit card. I can give you a special discount that will bring your first payment down to $19, so you save right from the start.
  • $359 yearly membership. That brings your monthly expense to $29, and there are no ongoing payments to worry about.

There is one more investment that you will have to make if you want this program to transform your financial life: time. Kyle and Carson have become two of the most successful entrepreneurs of their time because they worked hard day after day and year after year. While the training courses offered through Wealthy Affiliate will tell you exactly how they did it, you will have to take action to follow in their shoes and build a successful business of your own.

My Honest Opinion

I admitted earlier to feeling skeptical when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate. After completing the beginner training course and starting my free websites, I realized that this was the best investment that I have ever made for my life.

When I need technical support, it’s there any time of the day or night. When I need motivation, I just log in and read encouraging posts from my fellow members. If I ever lose my way, one-on-one coaching will get me back on track quickly.

It’s not a question of whether you should join, but how and when you should join.

About the price.

business meShould you take advantage of the $47 monthly payments? Since premium hosting for 50 websites alone would cost far more than that, this is an excellent option. You can always upgrade to the yearly subscription at a later point if you don’t want to worry about payments.

Is this membership truly worth $359 for a year? Absolutely! This is the best way to invest in your future because it gives you 365 days to turn your financial life around. If you follow the training and work consistently, you can do amazing things in the next year.

What if you don’t have $47? I can give you a discount that will lower your first monthly payment to $19. If you don’t have that, stick with the free program while you save up. You can always get started for free, so you have nothing to lose by at least completing the free week of training.

Remember, Wealthy Affiliate gives you everything needed to build a profitable business, right down to the keyword research tool and advice on multiple monetization options. Kyle and Carson are handing you the tools for success. Now it’s time to prove what you’re capable of accomplishing.





daytrader_4100698744_mFounded in 2009 by market experts with extensive knowledge of the global forex and capital markets, XM has reached international recognition by virtue of its unbeatable execution of orders and personalized customer engagement. At XM the tightest spreads, zero rejection of orders, the no re-quotes and best execution policy safeguard the interests of clients with unfailing commitment to business transparency.

XM clients from over 196 countries receive real-time access to a series of cutting-edge services:

  • Licensed by CySEC, registered by FCA and in the EU

  • Client funds in segregated accounts with tier 1 banking institutions

  • Multiple trading accounts

  • Automatic and instant processing of funds deposits

  • Withdrawal processing via fast and reliable payment methods

  • Minimum deposit from as little as $5

  • 50+ currency pairs – majors crosses and exotics

  • Flexible leverage up to 888:1

  • Tight spreads as low as 1 pip

  • No re-quotes, no rejection of orders

  • No commissions, no hidden fees

  • Free trading signals, daily forex news, technical analysis in multiple languages

  • 8 MT4-based full-feature trading platforms

  • 24/5 multilingual support in over 20 languages

Loyalty Program

The selection of the XM trading bonuses for new and existing clients, along with the XM Loyalty Program, are all incentives designed to help traders, whether beginner or seasoned, to reach their investment goals with higher confidence.

  • 4 loyalty statuses periodically upgraded

  • Credit bonuses can be redeemed for cash

  • Each loyalty status increases the amount of XM Points

  • Infinite cash rewards

Partner Program

Introducing Brokers and Affiliate Partners at XM can promote a universally fair and ethical trading environment for Introducing Brokers, Web Affiliates and Local Representatives for all their clients they refer to XM. Their cooperation with us is supported on an ongoing basis by a wide selection of client referral tools in over 20 languages and fastest payment methods for commission transfers.

  • No limit on commissions per clients referred

  • High conversion rate of client retention

  • Transfers between IB accounts and trading accounts

  • Timely payments, fast withdrawals

  • Exclusive promotions and luxury gifts

  • Extensive range of free marketing materials in over 20 languages

  • Real-time reporting with detailed statistics

– 24/5 personal account managers for each partner

Top Earners Ranks

20161201 – 20161231
  1.  DatingFactory

  2.  Shopify

  3. SEOprofiler