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multiple-seo-toolsProduct Name: SEOprofiler

Price: $99 – $1999 per month

Owners: Axandra GmbH

Website: www.seoprofiler.com


SEOprofiler is the oldest SEO software that provides better search engine rankings, more visitors, more clicks and more sales since 1997. There are more than 126000 active SEOprofiler users. SEOprofiler is the main product of the German internet marketing company named Axandra GmbH. They are improving SEOprofiler on a daily basis. They are providing many tools and features on the service that can help in getting high ranks on Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines. With SEOprofiler you get SEO tools for link analysis, web page optimization, link building, keyword research and so on. It supports multi-user accounts and you can work with your whole team at the same time. The users say that SEOprofiler is easy to use and very helpful in providing high-quality content on their websites. You only need one hour per day to increase the number of the clicks and sales on your site, using SEOprofiler. This service works in every country, but only with the sites that are written in a Roman letter (English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian and so on).


Many users think that SEOprofiler is great software that can help with the job and will save time and money. The service provides a full feature SEO software tools that are very useful for creating a top-rated content for the websites. SEOprofiler is:

  • Easy to use and understand

  • Comprehensive

  • Effective

With SEOprofiler you can use the SEO and ranking tools that are included in the price pack. Even the beginners in the website business can use SEOprofiler effectively.

After the registration on SEOprofiler, the user gets a 30-day trial period. After that, they will have to choose between various price packs that can cost up to $1999. Some of the users find the prices very high and they stop using SEOprofiler after the trial period. The free trial version is very limited with the tools and features.

Who is it for:

SEOprofiler can be used by everyone that have a website, for better search engine rankings. It is the best SEO solution for a small businesses, companies, online marketers or individual website owners.

Training/tools overview:

Basically, SEOprofiler includes these tools and features:

  • Backlink analysis

  • Local Rank Tracking

  • Social media integration

  • White-Label reports

  • Website audit

  • Keyword research

  • AdWords intelligence

  • Link analysis

  • Link building

  • Ranking monitor and intelligence

With the Ranking monitor, you can check for which keywords your site is ranked, how many searches per keyword you have, from which countries come the most clicks and how the ranking changes in time.

The Website audit checks the website from errors that can have a negative influence on the site ranking. With this tool, you can erase the errors, discover technical issues and solve them and eliminate the spelling mistakes.

With the Keyword research tool, you can find the most attractive keywords and the right way to use them in your articles. With the right keywords, you will attract more visitors to your site.

You want to know what are people talking about your site or business on Facebook? Start using the Social Media monitor and you will have a complete look into everything that is written for you on the social media platforms.


SEOprofiler has a contact customer service that is available 24/7 for the members of the service through the ticket system

. The users also can contact Axandra GmbH directly. There is also a great base of the most asked questions with full answers. The member of SEOprofiler can find the answers to many questions there, including general questions, technical questions, tool FAQ-s and all the questions about the pricing, ordering, and billing. SEOprofiler employees care about the public opinion and every user can contact them to tell their opinion and to help with the improving of the service.


SEOprofiler comes with a 30-day trial. The trial version is very limited in the tools and features and you can try to use just a few of them. Also, the free pack works great with those who want to learn the basics of the good SEO as a way of increasing the online business. After that, you can choose between 4 SEOprofiler packs:

  1. Freelancer pack that costs $99.95 per month and includes: daily ranking check of 500 keywords; audit of 40000 pages; 10 projects and white-label reports.

  2. Agency pack that costs $199.95 per month and includes: daily ranking check of 1000 words; audit of 100000 pages; 50 projects; 5 users; link disinfection tool and white-label reports.

  3. Corporate pack that costs $499.95 per month and includes: daily ranking check of 2500 words; audit for 300000 pages; 150 projects; 15 users; link disinfection tool and white-label reports.

  4. Ultimate pack that costs $1999. 95 per month and includes: daily ranking of 10000 keywords; audit for 1500000 pages; unlimited number of projects and users; link disinfection tool and white-label reports.

The user can change the pack at the moment they want. They only need to cancel the old plan and to subscribe to the new one. Every saved information about the previous projects are available also with the new plan. Be careful if your new plan supports the same features as the old one, because you may lose some important data with the plan changing.

Final opinion/verdict:

SEOprofiler is a proven and reliable way to increase your page visits and clicks and get better rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. SEOprofiler provides many tools and features that can help you to have great rankings and better sales and income from your website. Everyone can use SEOprofiler because it provides solutions for small businesses, mid-sized companies, and big enterprises. SEOprofiler is also good for professional use. You will have a great benefit of registering your website to SEOprofiler.














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            17 thoughts on “SEOprofiler Review”

            1. I’ve just started (9 months ago) as an affiliate marketer, so I’m just now starting to research companies and tools like this. I’ve saved your article to go back and read more thoroughly when I have more time. I appreciate the amount of detail you’ve given here. Thanks so much.

            2. Hi Jakob,
              Thanks, man,
              You helped me so much, I will definitely try the 30-day trial to better understanding how SEO actually works.
              Did you try the Freelancer pack? and Do you think that Google Search Console can also do the work of better SEO rankings?
              Great work on the info.

              1. Hi, Google Search Console is my favorit tools to check a website health, but SEOProfiler has a lot of more features if you should work with SEO agains other companies.

            3. Thanks for the very good and detailed review of the SEO Profiler. It looks like a very good product that has many good tools for search engine optimization. To be honest, I have never heard about them; I have been using SEO MOZ and ahrefs for SEO purposes. Are you familiar with SEO MOZ and ahrefs? How would you compare the SEO Profiler to SEO MOZ and ahrefs?

            4. Great article about SEO profiler. You really explain what is it about in details and I’m sure that it can be very helpful to small businesses, companies, online marketers. It can make life much more easier for them because it can increase traffic to their site and overall better rankings.

            5. Strange, I’ve been running websites for a living now for over 7 years and I’ve never heard of this peice of software – thanks for bringing it to my attention!
              It sounds like a pretty run of the mill SEO product but because it’s been around for so long I bet it’s pretty sturdy and effective? Well worth looking into

            6. Great information on SEO profiler, as I have been wanting to look into something like this. My only concern is the high monthly fee for the different SEO packs. Does this program really help that much? I can see it being very valuable and WORTH the money, if it does what it says. How has your experience been with it?

              1. All quality SEO tools cost like this, but this tools can be used for free. You have access to the most important features for free. That is only premium membership that cost.

            7. Hi Jakob. Finding a good SEO tool is so very difficult with so much choice out there and all claiming to be the best. Thanks for spelling out the benefits of SEO profiler. Definitely worth considering.

            8. Wow – $99 – $1999 per month….that’s crazy money! If you take this on you better make sure you are selling a lot before signing up!
              I have heard of them many years back but I had no idea their price was so advanced – SEO powersuite only costs a one time fee of $50 and that’s usually enough!
              How long have you used this program for?

              1. You can use this great software for free. If you want to test all features it cost 1€ for one month. I have SEO Powersuite also and the correct price is 299$ and you also need to pay for algorithm update around 25$ a month. But if you are solo with small projects only you can use SEO PowerSuite for free, but the save function will not work. I have used both software for years.

            9. This SEOProfiler seems like one mighty piece of kit for optimising websites.
              Personally I am learning the ropes of SEO and what a mind field it is.
              I tell you what, Google’s algorithm must be one of the most complicated structures going.
              I am quite surprised at the amount of features and tools this software includes, it’s certainly an all-in-one package.
              Expensive maybe, but if a business wants to strive forward online it sounds worth it to me.
              Thanks for the review,

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